Enhance your Video Collaboration teams with on-site staff and training

By Vicky Hart - 29 Mar, 2022
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It is no secret that the cost of in-house technical teams is expensive, but it is also an imperative necessity to keep your business at the forefront of its game.

Technical roles are dynamic and constantly changing, so if your current teams are over stretched or you are experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals, using an external staff solution will help.

Partner to enhance your Video Collaboration team

In particular, the Video Conferencing world has accelerated tenfold over the last two years.
If you don’t have the capacity or budget to add any other staff members to your in-house team/s, or you have a current Video Collaboration team that is overworking on tasks outside of their primary duties, then a Video Collaboration on-site staff solution can augment your current team, creating a more agile department that will help you achieve your goals.

Key benefits

Adapt faster to evolving developments in technology: By using on-site staff or outsourcing specialist training, you can adapt your teams to respond to change quicker, making your organisation more efficient.

Streamline operations: Help your current team to streamline their Video Collaboration operations and reduce the time they spend on manual tasks. Teams are often doing their best to stay above water and cannot focus on streamlining. This is where added staff are beneficial for operations.

  • Flexibility and scalability: There might not be budget for new ‘full time’ team members. on-site staff solutions allow for that flexibility, working with you as you scale up or down.
  • On-site assistance. On-site staff solutions allow you to place hands-on Video Conference specialists within your current teams. This will encourage seamless communication and productivity, allowing you to receive enhanced services, instead of using remote assistance. It also gives you more opportunity for process improvement and the streamlining of operations.
  • Support and maintenance assistance. Helpdesk support, imaging projects and maintenance are all available using on-site staff. This will allow your higher-level team members get back to doing what they do best.
  • Cost-Effectiveness. You don’t have to carry the burden of finding qualified hires. Being “in” the business means on-site staff can handle all the needed responsibilities on your behalf effectively and efficiently.
  • New Hire Productivity. Using a trusted partner, you can maintain a diverse pool of talents ready to take on your business’s needs by gaining access to fully screened professionals who are widely knowledgeable in all aspects of the Video Collaboration industry.
  • Timeliness. On average, hiring a new employee takes up to 50+ days, especially in the IT industry. By partnering with an IT Services organisation, you can save a lot of time looking for quality talents to hire.

New Era’s On-site staff for Video Collaboration

Enhance your video conferencing experience and gain access to expert specialists with New Era’s on-site staff for Video Collaboration.

If you are looking to add additional assistance to your current team, we have you covered. Request a consultation today to learn how we can help you achieve your goals.


Author: Vicky Hart

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