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By Sidsel Loyche - 20 Apr, 2022
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You already know that your IAM expenditure is a necessary investment to protect your organisation and make it easy for users to access their services. But did you know that this investment can also return financial benefits to the business?

An IAM solution can pay for itself by:

  • eliminating laborious manual administration that ties up staff, allowing your resources to be used more effectively
  • preventing costly human errors that are often the product of repetitive data input or complex configuration
  • reducing the burden on the helpdesk through greater automation and self-service by end users
  • provisioning users and their permissions automatically, giving users instant and seamless access to their services and resources
  • creating opportunities to win more business from customers by enhancing compliance with best practices and acquiring industry accreditations.

When considering your investment in IAM, it’s easy to focus only on the cost of the solution, such as the licensing and professional services. Don’t forget the costs of an ineffective IAM solution:

The “hidden costs” of ineffective IAM, such as the time expended by IT and HR staff on processing joiners and leavers, or the need for extensive training on complex solutions. The “deferred costs” of ineffective IAM, such as a human error that leads to an existential cybersecurity incident. And the “opportunity cost” of ineffective IAM, such as services going unused because they are too complex for users to access

An IAM solution is a strategic investment having touchpoints across the business. And so, when making the business case, be sure to think about its impact, in terms of costs and benefits, for all your stakeholders, not just IT.

So how can we reduce these costs?

Our IAM solution, Able+, is the most financially attractive IAM solution on market:

It is offered with no hidden costs. We strive for complete transparency and will be clear about our pricing, so that you can budget with confidence. Able+ is delivered as Software-as-a-Service, and offered through a highly competitive, subscription-based tariff. Furthermore, Able+ is a modular service proposition. This gives you options when considering what you really need today, and what you might need tomorrow.

Learn more

This video explains more about Able+ and how it helps you invest wisely. Visit our website or book a consultation to find out if Able+ is the right IAM solution for you.

Author: Sidsel Loyche

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