How do you manage your school’s festive term admin?

By Vicky Hart - 5 Dec, 2019
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Parents are frazzled, teachers are frazzled, and admin staff are running round like headless chickens. It’s no secret that the festive period produces a burst in school admin. So how can a school reduce the pressure on parents and internal teams?

  • Christmas dinner forms
  • Parents’ craft sessions
  • Christmas performances
  • Christmas disco forms
  • Christmas fair promotion
  • Non-school uniform day
  • School clubs
  • End of term reminders

As a parent myself these are some of the things I have had to do in the last two weeks and with two children at school, this list doubles!

The administration burden on schools at this time of year is huge and the whole term is a logistical juggling act. But there is a solution which can make life easier for all involved.


Let’s look at this list…

Christmas dinner booking

SchoolPing lets you manage the complete Christmas dinner booking cycle. Using the forms feature you can target the whole school and allow them to select their choices via the app. The reporting feature allows you to retarget those who have not yet responded and at the end you have your order list ready to download!

Permission forms

Getting parents’ permission for discos, craft sessions and much more has never been easier. As with the Christmas dinner, this can all be automated with SchoolPing forms. Parents don’t have to sift through piles of paper to find the form or remember to hand it into the office along with hundreds of other items. The form gets sent straight to their phones and they can respond instantly. Your admin team won’t be spending hours working through forms and recording the responses. It will literally save them hours!

Reminders, promotions

At this time of year parents are bombarded with paper. Not only is it overwhelming for the parents, but it is also costing you a ton of money in printing costs. Communicate with parents their way and send notifications and updates straight to their phone with SchoolPing. On average every piece of paper you print costs 5p. This week alone I have had over 20 pieces of paper sent home between my children. Multiply this by the 350 children in my school and it has cost them approximately £175 in one week! Add to this the cost of texting to replicate these messages and schools could be paying out double this … in one week!

More information?

If you would like more information about how SchoolPing can help relieve the administrative burden in your school, then visit our websitebook a demo or contact one of our team for more information.




Author: Vicky Hart

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