How to best manage access for visitors, temporary staff and contractors

By Vicky Hart - 21 Nov, 2019
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How to best manage access for visitors, temporary staff and contractors

The worker landscape for today’s organisations has become much more agile. The use of temporary workers and contractors to carry out specific tasks and projects is not only common but also vital for some organisations.

But you must consider security risk for such workers

Having temporary staff or visitors who require access to specific resources, applications and data can expose a security risk. An organisation needs to apply strict parameters around how and when they can access company resources.

Access should never be left open above and beyond what they need to perform their specific jobs. Inappropriate access or access to privileged resources can result in compromised data and data breaches.

Identity and Access Management is the answer

IAM solutions such as Able+ Cloud enable an organisation to monitor and enforce security policies around access for non-permanent staff.

Onboarding temporary staff, contractors and visitors

Able+ Cloud will enable organisations to automate the onboarding of temporary staff. It provides a single pain of glass to view and manage every single identity within. Using roles and permissions you can:

  • Define what data, resources and applications non-permanent staff need
  • Set when and how long access is required for
  • Determine access levels at device level
  • Limit access based on location and time
Clearly defined access

As stated above temporary workers shouldn’t get the same blanket access as fulltime employees – it should be determined and granted on roles and permissions.

Able+ Cloud is an IAM solution which puts access control back in the hands of the organisation, allowing clearly define business rules around when and what individuals can access from across a company’s resources.


By using an IAM solution such as Able+ Cloud, organisations can manage temporary staff, contractors and visitors securely and easily. You will automate the processes and rules around access and reduce the risk of security breaches. Not only that but it improves user experience and reduces the burden on internal teams.

More info?

If you would like any more information about our Identity and Access Management solution Able+ cloud, please visit our webpage. Alternatively please contact one of our team.


Author: Vicky Hart

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