How to dress for the virtual workplace

By Sidsel Loyche - 4 Nov, 2021
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Whilst working from home often means juggling different roles, especially for parents, showing up to video meetings properly dressed is still important. You want to send the right signals to colleagues and clients and present yourself in a way that says you can handle change and that your mindset is still the same – even outside the office space.

A full business suit is not required nor very practical at home, but we do have a few tips on how to stand out and make a good impression:

  • Think about how you would dress if you were meeting in-person and take it down a notch. Meeting virtually shouldn’t be so different but you still need to look natural in your surroundings
  • Dress comfortably. You can still look professional with the added bonus of being comfortable, which should put both you and your attendee at ease
  • Bold colours show up well on screen, so don’t be afraid to wear them
  • Try to not match your background too much as you risk blending into it rather than standing out
  • Patterns can be distracting so choose wisely and don’t match too many of them
  • And select your background wisely – keep it tidy behind you or select an image as your background until you have the time to clean your home office

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Author: Sidsel Loyche

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