Leveraging Able+ modules to deliver greater value for your business

By Sidsel Loyche - 26 Oct, 2022
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Able+ is offered as a modular service proposition. This means you only pay for what you use today, with the option of adding or removing modules to your subscription as your needs evolve.

These optional modules build on the core product, expanding the solution’s capabilities. It gives you the convenience and benefits of sourcing from a single supplier, such as seamless interoperability and a single escalation path for technical support. 

 These modules are: 
  • Privileged Access Management: protect your critical systems through heightened scrutiny and control of access
  • Multifactor authentication: reduce the risk of unauthorised access if credentials are compromised
  • Workflow Designer: a visual editor to design and manage complex IAM workflows
  • Compliance Policies: dynamically detect and remediate non-compliance against policy 
  • Attestation: periodically recertify users’ access privileges
  • B2B & B2C Federation: federate authentication from authorised, third-party identity providers
  • MyResources Portal: help users to discover their entitlements and request access

As a result, our customers get the best possible solution for their organisations today, and tomorrow, in the most cost-effective way. Our philosophy is simple; if you do not need every aspect of our IAM service, why pay for it?

Offered with no hidden costs, we strive for complete transparency pricing, so that you can budget with complete confidence. Moreover, as the most competitively priced IAM solution on the market, we will save you at least 40% on your IAM solution.

The solution’s extensibility does not end with its modules.  

Able+ also offers APIs that enable your developers to easily extend your solution, such as connecting to proprietary and legacy systems. This helps you to integrate the solution across your entire digital estate, avoiding the need for multiple IAM domains.

Finally, as a managed service, we take responsibility for scaling your solution and operating it at the highest standards of excellence. This frees you to focus your resources on using the modules and APIs to customise the solution for your business, and so deliver greater value.


Able+ is a highly extensible platform that adapts to your organisation to meet your requirements. It saves you money and time, allowing you to innovate and grow.  To find out more about Able+ and how we can help increase productivity for your organisation, visit our webpage or contact us directly.

Author: Sidsel Loyche

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