3 quick questions about SchoolPing to Monega Primary School

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Monega Primary School in London encourages their pupils to be enthusiastic lifelong learners by helping them find passions, strengths and interests that prepare them for future learning. We caught up with Rita Duah-Sakyi; the School Business Manager, to ask her a few questions about their use of SchoolPing and how it has improved her job.

Before choosing SchoolPing, how did you communicate with parents?

We sent out newsletters and texts. It proved time-consuming and expensive to us, so we needed a better solution. Using SchoolPing has helped us save money and given back some valuable time to our staff.

How has SchoolPing helped the office team?

It’s been a lot easier and quicker to communicate with both staff and parents.

SchoolPing is designed with parent communication in mind; with unlimited messages and characters and easy solutions for uploading of newsletters, videos, photos as well as permission forms, surveys and more. For anyone working in a school environment the importance of easy and fast communication with parents and carers is of great importance, especially during the past year when we all had to face the pandemic and get use to a new normal.

How has the parents and carers reacted to the application?

They have all been very responsive. SchoolPing came just in time for the endless messages we had to communicate to our parents and staff during both lockdowns, and it really helped making letters, reminders, messages and weekly newsletters easier to get out to everyone.

Want to find out how SchoolPing could help your school?

If you would like more information about SchoolPing, visit our webpage or contact a member of our team directly.


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