Enhanced monitoring and management of video enabled rooms with C3

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Enhanced monitoring and management of video enabled rooms for global leader in location-based, family entertainment.

In this case study we look at a client who needed a dedicated Managed Service partner to monitor, manage and support Microsoft Teams Rooms they had installed across their UK locations.

This client approached us back in 2022, after building and deploying Logitech based MTRs independently. They recognised that they needed support in managing these rooms to relieve pressure on internal support teams and ensure the rooms were running smoothly and efficiently without impacting their day-to-day business.


Our innovative Customer Command Centre for Collaboration (C3) underpins our managed service capabilities. A solution designed to co-exist with Microsoft Pro Portal; C3 delivers real-time identification of issues, alerts us immediately and enables direct triage to the New Era vNOC for quick and effective problem resolution in the video collaboration ecosystem, without the need for onsite technicians.

Delivered as a managed service or SaaS model, we can be flexible to different customer support model requirements. After showcasing the capabilities of C3 to the client they didn’t hesitate to move forward with this as a managed service and rolled out the C3 service to cover all rooms and spaces with connected collaboration technology within it.


During the initial onboarding phase, New Era Technology engineers conducted a detailed assessment of existing meeting rooms to grasp each specific use case and requirements. This assessment concluded that some improvements could be made to deliver a more user-friendly experience.

After completing this work on time and in budget, we were ready to onboard the client into the C3 platform allowing us to deliver our monitoring and support managed services.

Consequently, we are now delivering a single pane of glass insight into our client’s entire video collaboration ecosystem; offering an unparalleled overview of the entire meeting room estate, irrespective of the fact the technology is deployed from multiple vendors.

Another value add in this scenario from New Era, is the ability to provide change and release management to connected peripherals. This includes the ability to log in as administrators to the entire room platform, allowing us to perform necessary functions on a need basis.

We can see the real-time status of this customers meeting room technology on demand and when an issue is detected, C3 will automatically alert where the problem lies, allowing for a remote fix to get the room back up and running before it impacts the client’s meetings.

A prime example of this occurring was when a system had signed out and C3 detected this. We were able to remotely connect into the room and log it back in, without having to dispatch an engineer or have regional IT teams go to the specific site in question. This is something that usually cannot be done remotely or from the Microsoft Pro portal.

If the issue cannot be resolved remotely via C3, New Eras ITIL Service desk will dispatch an engineer to site in line with our Next Business Day SLA.

In one month alone, C3’s proactive monitoring identified over 110 issues in the clients’ Microsoft Teams Rooms. 96% of those tickets were resolved the same day without an engineer having to go to site.


C3 has dramatically reduced our clients meeting room downtime and avoided the need for internal or external technicians to spend unnecessary time identifying issues in the video collaboration ecosystem or travel needlessly.
New Era continues to work with our client on new office projects including a large office reconfiguration project and new office HQ.

All new rooms continue to be onboarded into our managed service with C3 at its core.

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